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Policies and Procedures for Training Sessions

  1. Athletes should commit to an energized work ethic that enhances the SCSC training environment.
  2. Skaters must ask coaching staff permission to leave any on-ice, or off-ice classes.
  3. Proper athletic attire to be worn on all sessions. (No Hoodies)
  4. Athletes must be prompt to class, Coaches have the right to dismiss athletes from a session or class due to lateness or inappropriate behaviour.
  5. Rink side access is not allowed. Parents are required to view all training sessions from the stands or the upper viewing area.
  1. Parents may watch their skater from the viewing lounge. Parents are not to enter or interrupt the training environment at any time during an active session.
  2. All on-ice training sessions should be preceded by a structured off-ice warm-up conducted in one of the prescribed warm-up areas within the facility. Warm-ups should be 20 – 30 minutes in time (not including the time to put on one’s skates).
  1. Athletes should always respect the facility and environment during warm-up/cool-down periods. Valuables should not be left unattended at any time.
  1. No swearing, temper tantrums, or improper behaviour during on-ice or off-ice sessions. Disrespect to administrators, directors, or coaching staff will be considered member in poor standing and will be brought forward to the Coaches Committee. Treat others with the utmost respect, tolerance, and dignity. There will be zero tolerance for discriminatory language or behaviour. The SCSC has the right to terminate membership.
  1. All Skaters are expected to adhere to proper training etiquette.
  • Jumps in the end zones (Blue lines down)
  • Spins in the middle (between blue lines)
  • Immediately get up from falls and use the counter-clockwise fast track on the outside between Skill execution.
  • Ensure you move to the side of the rink upon completion of skills in order to continue the Natural flow and safety of the session.
  1. Sessions should conclude on time to allow the scheduled end of session to take place. No solos shall start within 2 minutes to the conclusion of a session.
  1. Star & Competitive session athletes are required to assist in the filling of holes during the last 5 minutes of a session if they are not within a lesson at that time.
  1. Skaters are expected to be moving throughout the entire training session. Rehydration is to be done on the ice during the session.
  1. All athletes, coaches and choreographers must follow music and solo playing rules:
  • Coaches can request a solo once every 15 minutes.
  • Coaches in a semiprivate lesson may make two solo requests
  • If the athlete waves off their solo this will constitute their turn for that session.
  • Choreographers will have reasonable flexibility of music during regular sessions,
  • No one skater or coach should dominate the music rotation
  • If a skater is unnecessarily stopping during the running of their program, the coaching staff may remove their music from playing.
  1. Report all injuries to on-ice and off-ice coaching staff.
  2. Cancellation of lessons 24-hour notice in advance to skating session. Otherwise you will be charged for your lesson.
  3. No alcohol, tabacco, vaping or drug use will be tolerated in any way and will result in immediate membership termination.
  1. No food to be taken into the off-ice or on-ice training environments. Athletes are advised to refuel in between or upon completion of training sessions or off-ice classes.
  1. Athletes should not use social media for any gossip, negative chatter or false information of SCSC and/or its members, staff or executive.
  1. All participants are governed by the rules, policies and procedures of the Skate Canada, BC/YT Section and the Sunshine Coast Skating Club. All participants are responsible for familiarizing themselves with the rules.


SCSC Training Environment Expectations for Athletes and Parents Specific
on Ice Rules

Skater Right-of-Way Priority:

  1. When the jump harness is in use, the skater in the harness has right of way over the soloist
  2. Skater performing program with music
  3. Skater in a lesson
  4. Skater performing spin
  5. Skater visibly getting ready for a jump or spin
*Skaters should learn to read patterns of movement on the ice, for program, harness jumps, and spins.
They should also learn to recognize other skaters’ music and pay more attention to this skater. Try to
have some idea of the skater’s program pattern.


Advice to Parents:

  • Parents of Star/Competitive skaters must always consult with their managing coach
  • At competition you should arrive 1 hour before your event start time
  • At competition, parents should not interfere with the skater’s preparation prior to skating performance
  • Skaters should learn how to tie their skates on their own relatively soon
  • No excessive videoing of your skater in practice
  • No videoing of other skaters
  • No extra off-ice coaching by the parent, at home
  • Advise the club coaches, or your managing coach prior to purchasing new equipment for skating
  • Sunshine Coast skaters can only train at SCSC and cannot train with non-SCSC Coaches, unless the managing coach, or Coaches Committee gives you permission to do so
  • Parents are expected to encourage their children to recognize the value of sportsmanship
  • Parents are expected to support coaching staff on all rules and procedures of the Sunshine Coast Skating Club
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