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Jr Academy

The Junior Academy/Jr Star program is the bridge between the CanSkate and the STARSkate programs, where skaters learn figure skating skills coached in a group setting.  Throughout the program, skaters will progress from learning the basics of figure skating to more challenging elements.  As skaters are approaching the exit of this program they will be prepared for their Star 1 level, which may lead to opportunities to compete in regional competitions.

What Does the  Program Look Like?

Skaters are encouraged to skate a minimum of twice per week to show continual growth and progress.  Skaters have the option to skate up to 4 days per week.  The skater's fees include the following:
  • On-Ice Sessions:
    • an on-ice warm up
    • a review of last session's skills
    • learning and practicing of new skills through various activities or circuits
    • creative skating – implement what skaters have learned in a fun way
  • Dryland: Dryland sessions are used for transferrable technical skills, mental prep, positive self-image etc  Upstairs in the Mirror Room skaters will benefit from learning a variety of skating-related exercises, which will enhance the skater's training and performance, such as: 
    • jump and spin positions
    • agility
    • strength
    • flexibility
    • endurance
Coming Prepared:  Skaters should make an effort to be at their sessions on time ready to go so no lesson time is wasted by late arrivals.  Coaches encourage the skaters to take a few minutes before putting on their skates to do an off-ice warm up.  This warm-up can be done in the lobby of the arena.
A good off-ice warm-up includes:
  • jumping jacks
  • jogging
  • skipping
  • light stretching, etc.
This is a good routine to get into as skaters begin figure skating.  A general rule of thumb is to be at the arena at least 15 minutes prior to the start of the session.
Skater Attire: Clothing: Skaters should not wear baggy clothes, jeans, or hooded sweatshirts.   Coaches like to see the skater's form when they are learning or practicing elements.  Baggy clothes impede the coaches' ability to see proper body placement.  Coaches recommend that skaters wear the following:
  • Slim fitting tights or leggings, or skating dresses and skirts
  • Warm, form-fitting sweaters with a fitted lighter shirt underneath
  • Layers that can be taken off if necessary are best
  • Gloves as opposed to mittens so fingers are free for skating elements
Skates: Properly supported figure skates are a must.  The skate must have a sturdy ankle and a well-sharpened blade.  Please don’t tie skate laces around the ankle of the boot because it may slip up and cut into the ankle.  Helmets: Helmets are mandatory for anyone who has not completed Canskate Star 5. Skaters may progress to Jr Academy upon completion of star 4 with Director of Skating approval and will still be required to wear a helmet until CanSkate stage 5 skills are completed. 
Skaters should wear their hard guards as they travel between the change rooms and ice, dry their blades as soon as they take their skates off, and use soft guards when their skates are stored in their bag.  Please ensure hair is always tied back and all strands are held back off the face.  Skaters will need a binder to organize skating information given by coaches. Bring Kleenex and water bottles out to the ice with you at the start of the session.
Skater On-Ice Etiquette: We have a no “fooling around” rule on the ice during lesson time or free time. This is unfair and disruptive to the rest of the skaters, as well as potentially unsafe for all skaters.
We want every skater to have a good experience on the ice.


As in many other sports, there is a certain etiquette and code that parents must follow both in/around our arenas and also at home. Click here to download the Parents Code of Conduct.

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